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Worktop and Solid Surface Specialists

Commercial Worktops

Creating beautiful and stylish worktops for commercial areas such as bars, restaurants, hotels, receptions, retail industry & healthcare environments is one of our specialties. Over time we have worked with architects, interior designers, contractors & business owners to create practical and durable commercial area worktop surfaces.

Solid Surface Specialists provide complete commercial worktop service which include project planning, design, fabrication/manufacturing & installation. Conforming to your requirements, drawings and design ideas we are proud to state our commercial worktops can be find in hotels, bars, restaurants, laboratories throughout UK.

Restaurant Worktops

Restaurant Worktops - Custom Made - Made out of Staron, Quartz, Granite, Corian, Hanex
Restaurant worktops are important part of any restaurant decor. We can fabricate bespoke restaurant worktops to match your existing restaurant interior design while ensuring your restaurant worktop not only looks great but also offers practical worktop surface.

Bar Worktops

Bar Worktops made out of Corian, Quartz, Granite, Hanex, Staron, Mistral - Bespoke Bar Worktops
Bar worktops are one of the most important visual aspects for attracting customers in leisure & entertainment sector. Our bespoke bar worktops are designed and manufacturer to attract customers as well as provide nonporous worktop surface that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Hotel Worktops

Hotel Worktops - Worktops for Hotel Receptions and Public Areas in Hotel
In hospitality sector first impressions do count, hence why we can manufacture bespoke hotel worktops. Our hotel worktops range is designed to add to visual appeal of your hotel reception areas, hotel buffet areas or hotel bathroom areas. View our hotel worktops ranges that we supply and fabricate for hospitality sectors.

Healthcare Worktops

Heath Care Worktops - Our Healthcare Range of Worktops for Hospitals, Dentists, Laboratories
Designed and fabricated out of materials that provide extremely hygienic worktop surface our healthcare worktops range is a great choice if you are looking for worktops to use in healthcare environments (hospitals, dental clinics & laboratories).

Reception Worktops

Reception Worktops - Luxury Reception Counter and Reception Worktops
Our reception worktop ranges are designed to increase your corporate identity and provide beautiful and welcoming worktop surface for your visitors. Using our routing services we can add branded look and feeling to your reception worktops.

Retail Worktops

Retail Worktops and Retail Counters
Our range of retail worktops and retail counters provide premium look and feel to your point of sale counters. If you are looking to impress your customers with premium and luxury looking retail counters then our retail worktops range is for you.

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