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Worktop and Solid Surface Specialists

Bar & Nightclub Worktops

Solid Surface Specialists manufacture bespoke bar worktops. Our bar worktops are designed and manufactured to be hard wearing, resistant to stains, custom made for your bar and most of all designed in a way that will attract customers. Our bar worktop ranges are made out of solid surface materials (Corian, Staron, Hanex, Mistral, Tristone, LG-Hi Macs), Quartz or in some cases Granite.

We recommend to our customers that they either choose solid surface materials or quartz for their bar worktops. Being nonporous these two types of material not only look great but are easy to maintain, durable and visually pleasing in entertainment environments.

Light Enhancing Features – Bar Lights

Quartz Bar Worktop with inbuilt light

We can add number of features to your bar worktops such as bar lights to create bar worktops which attract attention in dark to low light areas. Designed to attract customers and to help your bar get noticed throughout the night.

Translucent bar worktop color options

Bar Worktop with Corian Translucent Material

Using translucent series of solid surface colours we can create interplay between light and substance which always intrigues those with a creative eye for architectural design.

Curved Bar Worktop design

Curved Bar Worktop

Due to materials we use in our bar worktops we can virtually create any shape or design that will blend in into your already existing interior.

Bar Worktops Gallery

Have a look at our bar worktop gallery to see what kind of bar worktop surfaces we have fabricated over the years.

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