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Healthcare Worktops – Hospital Worktops, Dentist Worktops, Laboratory Worktops

Our healthcare worktops are manufactured to provide places such as hospitals, laboratories, dental clinics, GP practices & other healthcare facilities with hygienic, durable and easy to clean and maintain work surfaces.

With recent dental LDU legislation from department of health, new HTM 01-05 decontamination guidelines which state that all dental worktops in England should be easy to clean, non-porous and where possible be a continuous work surface which should be free from visible dirt, dust and abrasions.

Designed and fabricated out of materials that provide extremely hygienic worktop surface our healthcare worktops range is a great choice if you are looking for worktops to use in healthcare environments (hospitals (NHS), dental clinics & laboratories).

Healthcare Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

Why are our healthcare worktops ideal for healthcare sector?

We manufacture our healthcare worktops out of solid surface materials. Solid surface materials enable us to create seamless (no joints), hygienic, nonporous, easy to clean & maintain, durable & repairable.

Hygienic Material

Our healthcare worktops are made out of solid surface materials which are nonporous, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and provide hygienic worktop surface for you to work on.

Seamless Healthcare Worktops

Our healthcare worktops are manufactured to create one seamless and joint free surface. Joint free worktops can be easily cleaned and maintained as there is less places for bacteria to “hide”. Our healthcare worktops are designed to significantly reduce number of bacteria on your worktop surface or sink area.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Our healthcare worktops ranges are easy to maintain and clean. Solid surface material is non-porous and stain-resistant which increases hygienic properties of our healthcare worktops. The same qualities prevent development and growth of bacteria and micro-organisms and reduce the risks of infections to patients as well as staff.

Rounded Corners

To further increase ease of cleaning and maintaining our healthcare worktops, we manufacture our healthcare worktops with pencil round edge.

Shapes to suit your environment

Our healthcare worktops can be shaped, formed into virtual any shape to create most practical working worktop area for your profession. We are able to create your healthcare worktops in wide range of colours, designs and patterns.

Healthcare Worktop Gallery

Materials we use in our Healthcare Worktops

Acrylic solid surface materials such as Corian, Staron & Hanex are used in our healthcare worktops range. We have selected these materials due to their quality, durability, advanced hygienic certification & ease of maintenance.

Healthcare Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists
Healthcare Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists
Healthcare Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

Chemical and Stain Resistant Materials

Solid surface materials are frequently used in hospitals because chemical contaminants can be easily removed from the surface of the material. Unlike other finishes of natural stone, solid surface materials have a non- porous surface that is water resistant. It prevents any bacterial growth and makes it easy to manage surface contaminates.

Healthcare Brochures – Corian and Staron

Click to download/view Corian and Staron Healthcare Brochures to find out more how these materials are a brilliant choice when it comes to worktop surfaces in healthcare.

Healthcare Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists
Healthcare Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

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