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Dental Worktops for Dentists and Dental Surgeries

Our range of dental worktops are designed and fabricated for use in dental surgeries. If you are a dentist and looking for a hygienic, durable, seamless work surface then our dentist worktops are ideal choice for you.

We manufacture dentist worktops out of solid surface materials such as Corian, Hanex, Staron, Mistral, LG Hi-Macs & Tristone. Solid Surface materials offer nonporous, easy to clean, hygienic and antibacterial work surface which makes them a great choice for dental environments.

Why choose our dentist worktop range for dental worktop surfaces?

In past laminate worktops were primary choice worktop surface in dental clinics. However with recent HTM 01-05 decontamination guidelines which state that all dental worktops in England should be easy to clean, non-porous and where possible be a continuous work surface which should be free from visible dirt, dust and abrasions; solid surface worktops have now become more popular choice as they offer all of the required features required by HTM 01-05 decontamination guidelines. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose our dental worktops range if you are looking for dental worktop surface:

  • Made out of hygienic material – made out of solid surface materials which are nonporous, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and provide hygienic worktop surface for you to work on.
  • Seamless worktop surface – manufactured to create one seamless and joint free surface. Joint free dental worktops can be easily cleaned and maintained as there is less places for bacteria to “hide”
  • Easy to clean and maintain – Solid surface material is non-porous and stain-resistant which increases hygienic properties of our healthcare worktops. The same qualities prevent development and growth of bacteria and micro-organisms and reduce the risks of infections to patients as well as staff.
  • Fabricated to your requirements – We can fabricate your dental worktop surface worktop to any size or shape
  • Huge selection of colours – Over 1000 of colour to suit any interior design of your dental surgery
  • Matching Sinks – We can supply your worktop surface with colour matching sink made out of the same material
  • Superior Resistance – can be renewed by scrubbing or sanding and therefore most common healthcare stains can easily be removed

Which materials we use to fabricate and manufacture worktops for dentists?

We only use solid surface materials with high hygienic and anti bacterial properties. Click on the materials below to view their colour and properties.

Dentist Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists
Dentist Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists
Dentist Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists
Dentist Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists
Dentist Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

Post-formed Dental Worktop Line by Corian

Dentist Worktops Solid Surface Worktops Specialists
We now offer post-formed Termoline Corian® worktop range which is very popular worktop choice for dental surgeries. Thermoline is a new cost-effective solution which makes Corian® viable for large scale healthcare projects. Thermoline significantly reduces the fabrication time involved in making a Corian® worktops for dentist as well as cost.

It provides us with finished worktop runs which incorporate 100mm coved upstands and a 38mm curved downstand with anti-drip edge which in turns means we can supply you with your dentist worktop surface much quicker. Thermoline includes integrated coved upstand, anti-drip front edge and downturn, no joints and glue lines on the upstand and downturn, increased strength and resistance compared to standard 12mm solid surface worktops, does not need a ladder frame support as with standard 12mm solid surface worktops & up to 1.5m spans can be unsupported.

Reduced cost

Due to being pre-fabricated Corian® Thermoline offers great way to reduce fabrication costs as it’s already pre-made for use in dental surgeries.

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