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Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Our laminate kitchen worktops ranges not only look beautiful but are also affordable. Laminate kitchen worktops can be supplied in wide range of sizes and designs. From wood grain finishes to solid and plain colours, laminate kitchen worktops can be a great addition to your kitchen environment.

If you are looking for kitchen worktop that doesn’t strain your budget then choose our laminate kitchen worktops.

Why choose laminate kitchen worktops for your kitchen?

Why choose laminate kitchen worktops - Laminate kitchen worktop
Laminate kitchen worktops are the perfect alternative to acrylic based, granite and stone worktops at a fraction of the price.

Manufacturers of Laminate Kitchen Worktop Materials

We currently supply laminate kitchen worktops manufactured by Formica and Egger.

View our Laminate Kitchen Worktop Colour Collections

Click on the images below to view laminate kitchen worktops colour collection and choose your kitchen laminate worktop colour/design.

Formica Axiom Kitchen Laminate Brochure
Egger Laminate Kitchen Worktops

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