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Formica – High Pressure Laminate and Compact Grade Laminate Materials

Formica Group are the original inventor of laminate material. Formica manufacture both High Pressure Laminate and Compact Grade Laminate that we frequently use in our washrooms products and toilet cubicles.

Formica Washroom Colours – View Colours and order samples

We can supply and fabricate Formica HPL and CGL materials in over 50 colours. Click the image below to view Formica Washroom Colours and order colour samples.
Formica Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

Download Formica Brochures

If you wish to find out more about Formica® HPL and CGL manufactured by Formica® feel free to download their official brochures.

We provide these brochures in PDF format and to view the brochures you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you are looking for inspiration and to find out what we can do with Formica® material download the Formica® Brochures.

To download Adobe Reader click here.


Formica Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

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Here are some of the top reasons for choosing Formica for your washroom solutions:

  • Available in HPL and CGL
  • Durable
  • Vandal proof
  • Low maintenance and hygienic surfacing material
  • Available as flame retardant HPL
Formica Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

How is Formica High Pressure Laminate Manufactured?

Formica® High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is manufactured through fusing multiple layers of impregnated paper under high pressure and temperature to create a hard wearing, low maintenance and hygienic surfacing material. Formica HPL is the ideal solution for the demanding environment that is the modern washroom. Colors, Patterns and Wood designs in high pressure laminate are available in horizontal grade postforming (HGP) as standard. We can also supply flame retardant HPL (VFP grade) on request.
Formica Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

How is Formica Compact Grade Laminate Manufactured?

Formica® Compact is a high pressure structural laminate, built up from multiple layers of kraft paper. It has a decorative face on both sides and is ideal for interior use in washroom cubicles or locker doors, wall panels or furniture. It is particularly suited to use in high humidity, high impact areas.
Compact is impressively strong and damage resistant and has remarkable structural stability, requiring no substrate support in a 12mm thickness. Formica Compact is certified by the CE Mark to meet or exceed conformity with European consumer safety, health and environmental requirements. Flame retardant Compact (CGF grade) is also available on request
Formica Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

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