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Hanex – Solid Surface Material

Hanex® solid surface material can be fabricated and installed in almost any residential or commercial application with inconspicuous seams. Hanex® solid surface material offers rich colours and textures.

Why choose Hanex as your worktop material?

Some of the reasons why you should choose Hanex® as your worktop material:

  • Easy to fabricate
  • Highly Durable
  • Maintains colour and shape
  • Resistant to heat, mould, pollutants and bacteria
  • Renewable, Reparable & Environmentally friendly
  • Large choice of colours
  • Easy to maintain and scratch and stain resistant
  • Ten year manufacturer warranty
View Hanex Worktops Gallery

Hanex Colour Collection – 78 Beautiful Colours

We can supply and fabricate your worktops in over 78 Hanex® colour. View Hanex® colours & designs collection or to order a sample click on the photo below.
Hanex Solid Surface Colour Collection - 78 worktop colours

Download Hanex Brochures

If you wish to find out more about Hanex® Solid Surface feel free to download their official brochures.

We provide these brochures in PDF format and to view the brochures you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you are looking for inspiration and to find out what we can do with Hanex® material download the Hanex® Brochures.

To download Adobe Reader click here.


Hanex Brochure

What is Hanex Solid Surface made out of?

Hanex Solid Surface Material Wprktop
Hanex® Solid Surface products are crafted from unique blend of acrylic resins and natural materials, so sheets can be cut, shaped and formed into unlimited range of designs. Best of all, unlike other materials Hanex® can be repaired and restored to original condition.

Resistant to moisture, pollutants and bacteria

Hanex Solid Surface resistant to mold and bacteria
Hanex® is ideal worktop material that is resistant to moisture, pollutants and bacteria, making it easy to clean and maintain. Combined with its scratch and stain resistance, Hanex® is ideal for all surface applications in your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere in your home.

Solid Surface Materials

View our complete range of solid surface materials. We can supply and fabricate your worktops in all of the materials below.


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