New LG Hi-Macs Worktop Colours – 2014

The HI-MACS® Sparkle collection has been just launched and is work of gifted designer Karim Rashid. Five vibrant new colours from the solid surface HI-MACS® creators LG Hausys are fully available for 2014.

Strong tones and a distinctive glittering effect like a distant galaxy are the unique hallmarks of the new colours, which will give designers new dimensions with which to imagine and work.

Some of the Sparkle colours are bold and statement-like, such as Key Lime and Kandy Pink while more muted hues like Kreemy Grey, Kold Silver and the instantly popular Kanada Violet offer a design juxtaposition that allows designers to mix and contrast colours within a single work, as HI-MACS® can be invisibly joined. The material is a favourite with designers and fabricators because of its outstanding properties and easy fabrication allowing the most audacious creations. The Sparkle collection retains the key HI-MACS® advantages of being highly durable, colour fast and impervious to moisture.

The new HI-MACS® Sparkle colours – available in 12mm thickness – add to an already wide ranging palette of colours, effects and textures, all of which distinguish HI-MACS® as the solid surface material of choice.