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Worktop and Solid Surface Specialists


We are worktop specialists and we provide complete one stop shop service for our customers. We can design, template, fabricate & install your worktops. In addition to our core services we provide project planning, thermoforming, worktop repairs, worktop replacements & laser cutting services. Find out more about services we offer below.

Project Planning

Worktop Project Planning Specialists
We provide full project planning services to our customers throughout UK. Working together with architects, interior designers, contractors and end customers we can provide full project planning services.

Worktop Design

Worktop Design Company
We offer both worktop design services and washroom design services for our clients. Throughout our investment in design software we can create 3D visual representation of you worktops and interior.

Worktop Template

Worktop Template Services
To create your bespoke worktops we often have to come out and create a worktop template to ensure that the worktop we fabricate will sit perfectly on your desired surface.

Worktop Fabrication/Manufacturing

Worktop Manufacturer - Worktop Fabricators
We manufacture bespoke worktops out of solid surface materials (Corian, Hanex, Staron, Mistral, Tristone, Hi-Macs), granite, quartz, marble, solid wood, glass & laminate. Any shape any size!

Worktop Installations

Worktop Installations - Worktop Installation Services
Our dedicated team of worktop installers and worktop fitters have over 65 years of combined experience in worktop fitting and installing. Solid Surface Specialists are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition and we offer worktop fitting services at a very comparative cost.

Worktop Repairs

Worktop Repairs - Worktop Repair Specialists
If you have damaged or cracked your worktop then give us a ring – we can normally repair most damage to your worktop surfaces. We offer worktop repair services for Corian Worktops, Hanex Worktops, Staron Worktops, Tristone Worktops, Mistral and LG Hi-Macs worktops.

Worktop Replacements

Worktop Replacements - Worktop Replacement Services
Looking to replace your worktop? We provide full worktop replacements services to customers in UK. Upgrade your kitchen worktop surface with our affordable worktop replacement services.

Worktop Resanding

Worktop Resanding Services - Worktop Resanding
Our worktop resanding service will ensure your kitchen worktop looks as good as new!


Thermoforming Services
We now provide both 2D and 3D thermoforming services for solid surface materials. The outstanding feature of solid surface materials is that they can be formed into any three dimensional shape.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Laser Cutting and Engraving Services
Solid Surface Specialists now provide laser engraving and laser cutting services for solid surface materials such as Corian, Staron, Hanex, Mistral, Tristone & Hi-Macs. Laser cutting and laser engraving services enable us to create breathtaking surface textures on materials of your choice.

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