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Worktop and Solid Surface Specialists

CNC Routing

In order to create beautiful and unique worktop shapes we now provide CNC routing services for solid surface materials, compact grade laminate & high pressure laminate. Our CNC routing service enables us to provide CNC cutting, CNC engraving and CNC routing services for Corian, Hanex, Staron, Tristone, Mistral, Hi-Macs materials.

Solid Surface CNC Routing

Being Solid Surface Specialists we often create unique shaped worktop surfaces made out of acrylic based materials such as Corian, Hanex, Staron, Mistral, Tristone & LG Hi-Macs. We use our CNC routers to create high precision cut outs that we later join together to create your worktop surface.

Corian CNC Routing

CNC Routing Solid Surface Worktops Specialists
We provide specialists Corian CNC Routing services. Whether you are looking for Corian engraving for back light show, Corian grill work, Corian colour inley, Corian Material inley, Corian 3D profile embossing, we can do it all.

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