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Worktop Repairs.

Worktop Repair and Restoration

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Worktop Repairs

Looking for worktop repairs specialists? If you have damaged or cracked your worktop then give us a ring – we can normally repair most damage to your worktop surfaces. We offer worktop repair services for Corian Worktops, Hanex Worktops, Staron Worktops, Tristone Worktops, Mistral and LG Hi-Macs worktops.

We also offer our worktop repair services for laminate worktops, granite worktops, quartz worktops and marble worktops where possible.

Re-sanding Services

After a long and continuous use of solid surface worktops their original colour and shine might fade. Due to the nature of solid surface materials such as Corian, Hanex, Staron, Mistral, Tristone & LG Hi-Macs we can restore your worktops back to their original condition. Our re-sanding services refreshed look of your worktops to make the look as good as new.

Our worktop repair specialists

Solid Surface Specialists worktop repair team consists of two worktop repair specialists. They have been repairing worktops and worktop installations for more than 10 years.

UK Wide Worktop Repair Services

We provide UK nationwide worktop repair services. Being conveniently located in Midlands we can travel to your home anywhere in UK.

What sort of damages on your worktop can we repair?

We are able to repair any sort of damage. From scratches to cracks to completely shattered worktops. If it’s chipped, scratched, gouged, peeling or even badly burnt, we can repair the surface and recreate just about any pattern or colour.

  • Scratches on worktop surface
  • Small and Large cracks
  • Worktop Edge Damage
  • Broken Worktops
  • Tap area damage
  • Sink Damage
  • Chipped Worktop
  • Worktop Burns

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