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Toilet Cubicle Hardware

We only supply high quality, long lasting, durable cubicle hardware to compliment our washroom systems. In our shower and cubicle range we use three types of hardware:

Stainless Steel Cubicle Hardware

Stainless steel cubicle hardware is designed to be durable, long lasting, stylish and rust proof. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel this hardware is suitable for the most stringent requirements. Stainless steel hardware is available in both polished and brushed finishes.

Hardware Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

Aluminum Frames

Aluminium cubicle frames are perfect for high volume areas such as schools, leisure centres and hospitals. This system has sleek clean lines and a contemporary design which mean no fixings are visible from the exterior of the cubicle when installed. The system offers outward opening disabled cubicles if required, along with rise and fall hinges, a choice of two indicator bolts – both incorporating an emergency coin release system and an anti-trap mechanism. Full height cubicles can be constructed up to 3.5m with the facility to fix an overhead ‘anti-peep’ screen into the head rail if desired.

Hardware Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

Colour Matching

With our cubicle colour match range we can powder coat the hardware in wide range of colours thus making hardware custom built and designed to match the cubicle colour.

Hardware Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

Lollipop Hardware

Lollipop cubicle hardware has been specifically designed to be colourful and attractive for our children’s range. This cubicle hardware has number of safety features which make it ideal for use in nurseries and schools.

Hardware Solid Surface Worktops Specialists

Anti-Trap Cubicle Hardware

Our cubicle anti-trap hardware is specifically designed to prevent injuries during usage. We apply this to all three of our cubicle ranges.

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