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Compact Grade Laminate Vanity Units

Our range of compact grade laminate vanity units is made to be vandal proof and water resistant. Vanity Units with a Compact Grade 12mm Laminate Top with square edged apron and square up stand. A compact under frame with removable access panels also available if required.

This vanity unit is prescribed for high to heavy duty wet areas where vandal and durable material is required.

Compact grade laminate (CGL) often called solid grade laminate, is extremely durable and water resistant making it perfect for use in areas subject to high traffic and vulnerable to vandalism.

What are our compact grade laminate vanity units made out of?

Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) also called Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) vanity tops are manufactured from 13mm solid grade laminate which is totally impervious to water and highly resistant to vandalism.

Colours and Finishes

We can manufacture compact grade laminate vanity units in over 300 colours and designs. Made out of Formica, Polyrey & Abet Laminati CGL materials.

Access Panels for added storage

We can manufacture your compact grade laminate vanity units with access panels which can be removed for added storage.

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